Julia Margaret Cameron by Helmut Gernsheim

Julia Margaret Cameron by Helmut Gernsheim


Cameron's portraits of the greats of the Victorian era( Darwin, Tennyson, Logfellow, Browning, etc.) are more than records of appearance but reveal the very mind and soul of the Individual who sat before the camera. Rarely in the history of art has so much vitality and spirit been brought to portraiture. Helmut Gersheim with painstaking schorship and a sense of humor, paints an entertaining as vivid picture of this eccentric Victorian woman who found her vocation at the age of 48.

Published by Aperture Foundation, New York, 1975, FIRST EDITION. ISBN 89381-258-7

Used maroon cloth hardbound with silver lettering, 9"x11" with unclipped dust jacket.

Condition: near very fine wth no marks.