"Christus-A Mystery" in 3 Parts by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Christus-A Mystery" in 3 Parts by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The story of the history of Christianity told in 3 parts and was intended to be his masterpiece. He completed The Golden Legend (1851) first, which covers christianity during the middle ages. The

New Englad Tragedies, concerned with Puritan Christianity in USA comprised third part and published in 1868. Finally, published the first part-The Divine Tragedy which tells story of life of Jesus in 1871.

Maybe for the first time, selling all three FIRST EDITIONS together!

The Golden Legend, Tichnor, Reed & Fields, Boston, 1851, First Edition. 1 of ony 3600 copies. used brown hardbound. Pages like new and many unoped. Condition:fine with bumped edges and frmer owner's name in frontise. 

the New England tragedies, Ticknor7Fields, Boston, 1868 first edition. Used brown cloth hardbound in fair condition with some stains, and loose binding missing some of top and bottom spine, with bookseller stamp in frontise. The Divine Comedy published by James Osgood7Co, 1871, Boston.

Used violet cloth hardbound with cross on front. Condition: good with bumped corners and former owners namestamped on title page ( see picture)